De Vita Principia #1: Never order food that is delivered through a window. ​

So I don’t remember where I heard this, but I definitely think it is a good life rule.

#1: Never order food that is delivered through a window.

Today, things move at a fast pace and we expect our food at an even faster pace. This is why places like McFastFood and Burger Royalty are so popular. We believe that we are so busy that we cannot spare a few extra moments to wait for food that is not trying to kill us.

Keep in mind, I don’t believe that fast food joints are maliciously trying to kill us, no. That would kill their bottom line (pun intended). Instead, I believe that they are not concerned about long-term ramifications of what we are ordering. A gallon of soda, a side of oil-saturated potatoes and something that may or may not be beef between bread that never molds*. Chalk it up to answering to shareholders or gaining the instant gratification that they serve to their billions of customers. McFastFood-like joints are in the business of serving an impatient society, and they are killing it at what they do. (Still, pun intended)

Based on this and the innate, human logic that if you can order, pay for and receive your food in the amount of time it takes to pull your car to the next window, it probably isn’t the best thing to be putting into your body. If things continue, it’s just a matter of time before we have a delivery system that will inject the food directly into you while you drive through. No stopping involved.

* Disclaimer: I love the taste of McFastFood but try to stay away from them when I can.