Simplifications and Improvements

“Simplicity is the art of knowing what to take away.”

I have removed the menu bar for now (until more features are added) and made it simpler to add recipes by clicking the “Quick Add Recipe” button.


Active development continues and some exciting things are being worked on.

Current work:

– Support work such as documentation, automation tests, etc. This work will not be noticeable to the end users, but it serves to support active development to ensure a quality product.
– Enhanced recipe forms. This form will allow users to enter advanced recipe information such as separate ingredients, separate notes and other information.
– Account validation through email
– Message feed improvements
– Password reset options
– Basic image manipulation
– Recipe privacy for sharing recipes.

I hope to have many of these completed by the end of the month. is launched

For several years, it has been a dream of mine to launch a recipe sharing social media website. In the last few weeks, I have promoted that dream to goals, those goals to action, and that action to fruition. The result is Right now and for the foreseeable future, the site will be in beta where rapid changes can occur. The foundation is there, now its time to start building out the modules that will make this the best recipe sharing website out there.

Stay tuned for more great things to come.