On Hate


Simply put, hate is so much more than an emotion or a reaction. To me, hate is a contract one makes with something, be it a situation or a person or something else, in which they will do absolutely anything immoral, unethical or illegal to eliminate that something from not only their own existence but from existence in general.

From a Christian point of view, hate violates almost every commandment laid out in the book of Exodus in the Bible. I won’t specifically lay out violations here as that would make this rather quick post so much longer than it needs to be.

Lately, hate has seemed to grow in America. The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported that hate groups in America have grown to more than 900 in the year 2017, an increase of over 100 from the previous year. Again, this is not a post about hate crime, it is more about my perception of hate.

The word “hate” is greatly overused by people who are unaware of the weight and meaning that it carries. You hear people all the time say, “I hate these jeans.” or “I hate this person” when they don’t really mean hate. They don’t care for a piece of apparel or a person, but they would generally not go so far as to take measures to destroy these things they claim they hate. One of the things I try to avoid in my life as much as possible is the use of the word “hate”; in fact, I cannot remember using it in recent history because of my interpretation of the word.

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