New Resolutions

While out shopping for groceries today, I came up with a wild idea. More of that later.

Grocery shopping is always fun. I get to look at all the stuff out of the ordinary. Organic, ethnic, in-store specials, cookware, etc. We were about three-quarters finished shopping, or, as I like to call it, seven-fourths of the amount of time and money I had planned on this outing when I came up with an idea for a resolution. I am going to try something new every week. This will not necessarily apply to food or food related items, but, at this point in time, it most likely will.

So my new resolution for this month is some new tea I found in the organic food section. Since I gave up alcohol and bad eating more than a year and a half ago, I have found an affinity for tea. I like black unsweetened teas that are served at room temperature. I know that this is probably breaking so many different rules of tea drinking decorum and that I will likely be confronted by the tea drinking police at some point in time, but this is how I like to drink my tea.

So, my new thing for this week is Green Dragon Tea by Honest Tea. It is fair trade organic which is always a good thing. In the past, I have not cared for green tea but I do like dragons so I’m hoping its a wash.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Sounds like a super plan! When I was ( faithfully) following The Daniel Plan, I decided to try a new food or way of cooking each week. I found out why I hadn’t tried some of the things before then ( yuk!). But, also found some new health y food alternatives. ( may put some of those recipes in your app someday). I think the most memorable “new try” was making salmon on the grill! It turned out great, and I really didn’t mind eating
    Salmon. ( I don’t really care for fish–but salmon is very good for you!). It will be interesting to hear about your weekly new adventure!

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